Connor Byrne

Founder, athlete, designer, podcaster

Connor Byrne is a coffee lover, endurance athlete, and digital creative based out of Michigan.

He is the founder of Condu Coaching, a nutrition consultancy, and the creator of I Will Not Quit, a podcast sharing stories about perseverance.

While attending Catholic Central High School, Connor was able to develop skills and interest in creative mediums. Djing at basketball games, taking photos at school soccer games, and creating posters for clubs and program covers for the football team were just the beginning of a long list of creative opportunities for Connor to foster his true interest: Creativity.

In anything that Connor has applied himself to, creativity was at the core of any successful outcome. On the soccer field, creativity helped come up with strategies to win the game. In founding an on-campus fraternity, creativity is what helped increase the exposure of the Phi Delta Theta organization to interested students.

During his most recent pursuit, completing a half-ironman triathlon, Connor is using creativity to help grow a community around health, wellness, and endurance sports on social media.

Connor has been an amateur writer (in private) for a couple of years. He has been a writer at since June 2020.

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